Back from Turtle Island

I haven't been able to update my blog lately because I spent the last days on a little island (with a rather "difficult", so to speak, internet connection), dipping my toes into the sea like the girl on my drawing. Still there was no escape from being reminded of Christmas because many Thai employees were forced ( I wouldn't wear it voluntarily, and I assume they wouldn't either, on the other hand they have a strange humor sometimes, so who knows...) to wear Santa Claus caps while working in front of the background of a turquoise sea filled with rainbow colored fish and invisible sharks and bordered by palm trees and other exotic things. Oh Tannenbaum!

this drawing can be purchased as a print: click here


Should political work be paid?

This drawing I made for the anschlaege magazine issue January, where it will be the illustration for two contradicting articles about whether political work should be paid or not. I don't know yet the articles, but I believe the two authors will be discussing the theme with a focus on honorary offices/volunteering, because 2011 will be the European year of volunteering.
Since I was free to express another dimension of the question, I made my illustration regarding corruption, which I find rather interesting for that matter.
Aside from the work of volunteers, who are assumed to separate their political work and their gainful employment, we have the problem that on the one hand, (too) little payment can cause corruption, but on the other hand (and mostly on a higher level), there is the problem that too much payment (and power, naturally) attracts the wrong people, and, as we can see, the "political interests" of certain politicians become congruent with their very personal interests.


grüne utopien / green utopias

A drawing I made for the newspaper Falter next week for an article about the partially utopian traffic concepts of the green party of Vienna – which is part of the Viennese government for the first time now, so the utopias might come true.


home is where your heart is - it is a postcard now!

i got my wonderfully glossy home is where your heart is - postcards from the printer this week.
you can also find them in my shop, as usual.
i have also made a lot of funny badges of which some are already available in my shop, because now there won't be something new for a long time – i'm flying to asia this weekend and will stay there some time!


flower girl

it should have been a christmas card, but it turned out a bit different...


a sunday afternoon

this is my grandmother doing a crossword puzzle five minutes ago.
and now we will have a nice lemon cake.

happy sunday afternoon!



Good news: European Newspaper Award!

I won an European Newspaper Award in the category illustration for this three illustrations I made for an supplement with book reviews (Bücherfrühling) for the Viennese newspaper Stadtzeitung Falter.


new in my shop: illustrated prints

patisserie a la paraguayenne: link

ice cream princess: link

alfajor: link

bolivia a la carte: link

these are four prints from my cookbook, the one illustrating a recipe for mousse de plátano (banana mousse), the other one is the illustration of a story of a little patissierie in a paraguayan colony where i found the best chocolate-peanut muffins i've ever tried. the third one is a graphical description of the alfajor, which is a typical argentinian sweet, a cookie with dulce de leche (caramel cream) in side and a chocolate coating. very delicious! and the fourth one is an illustration for a story about a busdriver who during driving a bus through bolivia decided that he was hungry and let the whole bus of passengers wait until he had eaten his chicken.


new in my shop: 3 postcards from south america

A set of three postcards with three of my favourite illustrations from my cookbook.

Stories about the postcards:

1. La oveja negra (the black sheep): A drawing of a girl with a little sheep I met in Peru.
2. Sueño con pollo: Hungry girl dreaming of chicken.
3. Chupacabra (goat sucker): This is a legendary creature that is supposed to live in some parts of America and that comes at night and kills your cattle.


In vitro

Today I've been working on this drawing about in vitro fertilization which will appear in next week's Falter.


Coloring, coloring, coloring!

The last couple of days I've been busy coloring prints for my exhibition in November here in Tangier, and the way it looks I will be continuing coloring for the next weeks...There will be the 12 Postcards from Morocco and 8 other related illustrations, black and white prints colored with a beautiful vermilion, 5 of each, work until Christmas, theoretically!


Beneath the lamplight

This is a rather strange drawing, and I cannot explain how it occurred to me, that naked butted mole-like being sleeping on the novel "gone with the wind" under the light of a huge porcelain lamp.


Istanbul selamlar

...a boy and a man I saw in Istanbul last year, somewhere between the New Mosque of Eminönü and the Golden Horn.


of recipes and drawings

Here is another article about my work in the current issue of the austrian KULTUR - Zeitschrift für Kultur und Gesellschaft.


Old England

This is a little ink drawing I made within a series of drawings called "women and fans" for an group exhibition on the subject of fans in the Volubilis Art Gallery in Tangier. Although I decided not to exhibit it because, due to a certain uniqueness, it did not fit in either of the two triptychs I was showing.
It shows a Moroccan woman with a fan and a Chanel logo on her breast. The original is for sale now here.


Greetings from Sidi Kacem

Memories of the fading summer in northern Morocco.


with pen and dipper...

a very nice article about my cookbook in the swiss saiten magazin.


La Cocina de América Latina!

My cookbook is out!

This is my cookbook La Cocina de America Latina. I made it after studying in Chile and travelling around in some countries of South America, and it's a colorful and very personal collection with delicious recipes I tried down there, lots of drawings of whatever crossed my way, and stories that happened throughout my journey. It's about indian girls not knowing what to do with tictacs, german bakeries in the paraguayan nowhere, bolivian busdrivers that get hungry in the middle of the road and tells why the most popular drink in chile is named after a colt. 

buy: here

92 pages 16x21cm, hardcover, thread stitching, all texts in german, published by Bucher Verlag.


Llama indicating the "peruvian chapter".

This page shows a bolivian kid drinking the soup from the recipe of the opposite page: Chairo, a typical highlands bolivian soup with vegetables and meat that I first ate some thousands meters above sea level.


A story about the magical & colorful carnival in Potosí, one of the highest towns in the world, known in the past for its immense wealth thanks to its silver mines.


Eucalipto – a story about a strange incident of passing a branch of eucalyptus from one person to another in Cuzco, Peru.

This is a recipe for Suspiro Limeño, a delicious peruvian dessert made of caramel. Its name means "Lima's sigh" and was named so by the husband of the creator of the recipe, the poet José Galvez, because it is as sweet and light as the sigh of a woman.


postcards from morocco

Postcards from Morocco – a travelogue in illustrations

Postcards from Morocco is a series of drawings by the Austrian illustrator Bianca Tschaikner who currently lives and works in Tangier at the northern tip of Morocco.
This collection of 12 illustrated postcards (that are also available as hand colored prints in A3 size), which comes in a little folder together with a poetry booklet (The Hour Glass / Das Stundenglas) that narrates the story of a road trip to the Western Sahara, is inspired by the artist's observations of the absurdities of everyday life in Morocco. They tell stories of the life in a world full of mint leaves and silver coffee pots, farewells at the strait of Gibraltar, stray cats, petit princes in the desert and false princes on the street, veiled faces and thieves in the night train, lots of embroidered oriental slippers, dangerous food and illiterates pretending to read the newspaper.

A little folder (15x148cm) containing a set of 12 illustrated postcards about Morocco and a poetry-booklet (german/english).

Postcards digitally printed on 300g off-white munkenpure-paper.

Postcards from Morocco are for sale now in my etsy shop!