postcards from morocco

Postcards from Morocco – a travelogue in illustrations

Postcards from Morocco is a series of drawings by the Austrian illustrator Bianca Tschaikner who currently lives and works in Tangier at the northern tip of Morocco.
This collection of 12 illustrated postcards (that are also available as hand colored prints in A3 size), which comes in a little folder together with a poetry booklet (The Hour Glass / Das Stundenglas) that narrates the story of a road trip to the Western Sahara, is inspired by the artist's observations of the absurdities of everyday life in Morocco. They tell stories of the life in a world full of mint leaves and silver coffee pots, farewells at the strait of Gibraltar, stray cats, petit princes in the desert and false princes on the street, veiled faces and thieves in the night train, lots of embroidered oriental slippers, dangerous food and illiterates pretending to read the newspaper.

A little folder (15x148cm) containing a set of 12 illustrated postcards about Morocco and a poetry-booklet (german/english).

Postcards digitally printed on 300g off-white munkenpure-paper.

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living without children

some of my illustrations about "living without children" for the new edition an.schläge.