flower girl

it should have been a christmas card, but it turned out a bit different...


a sunday afternoon

this is my grandmother doing a crossword puzzle five minutes ago.
and now we will have a nice lemon cake.

happy sunday afternoon!



Good news: European Newspaper Award!

I won an European Newspaper Award in the category illustration for this three illustrations I made for an supplement with book reviews (Bücherfrühling) for the Viennese newspaper Stadtzeitung Falter.


new in my shop: illustrated prints

patisserie a la paraguayenne: link

ice cream princess: link

alfajor: link

bolivia a la carte: link

these are four prints from my cookbook, the one illustrating a recipe for mousse de plátano (banana mousse), the other one is the illustration of a story of a little patissierie in a paraguayan colony where i found the best chocolate-peanut muffins i've ever tried. the third one is a graphical description of the alfajor, which is a typical argentinian sweet, a cookie with dulce de leche (caramel cream) in side and a chocolate coating. very delicious! and the fourth one is an illustration for a story about a busdriver who during driving a bus through bolivia decided that he was hungry and let the whole bus of passengers wait until he had eaten his chicken.


new in my shop: 3 postcards from south america

A set of three postcards with three of my favourite illustrations from my cookbook.

Stories about the postcards:

1. La oveja negra (the black sheep): A drawing of a girl with a little sheep I met in Peru.
2. Sueño con pollo: Hungry girl dreaming of chicken.
3. Chupacabra (goat sucker): This is a legendary creature that is supposed to live in some parts of America and that comes at night and kills your cattle.