new in my shop: illustrated prints

patisserie a la paraguayenne: link

ice cream princess: link

alfajor: link

bolivia a la carte: link

these are four prints from my cookbook, the one illustrating a recipe for mousse de plátano (banana mousse), the other one is the illustration of a story of a little patissierie in a paraguayan colony where i found the best chocolate-peanut muffins i've ever tried. the third one is a graphical description of the alfajor, which is a typical argentinian sweet, a cookie with dulce de leche (caramel cream) in side and a chocolate coating. very delicious! and the fourth one is an illustration for a story about a busdriver who during driving a bus through bolivia decided that he was hungry and let the whole bus of passengers wait until he had eaten his chicken.


  1. I love alforjores and you're cute illustration is fantastic! are they digital illustrations or screen prints??

  2. thanks! it's a digital print of a digital illustration.