here is some sort of a fun "banknote" (frontside / backside) designed for stadtzeitung falter, using of course the currency unit "falter" (german: butterfly).
click on the images to enlarge.


New Prints of Madagaskar & Zanzibar

Looking for orientation on exotic islands? 
New limited edition prints in A3 of the african islands Zanzibar and Madagascar are now available in my shop!


teapots, angels & big cats

here are some new badges fresh from the badge machine!

the tiger & his little enamoured leopard are for sale now in my shop.


book vs. ebook

illustration for an essay about the history and future of the book. this week in stadtzeitung falter.


Noise in Vienna

Illustration about the various noises that might disturb you in Vienna. This week in Stadtzeitung Falter. 


sex, again.

Illustration about an article about the sexual behaviour of young people. client: anschläge magazin.
Before you ask yourself where you've seen this scene before: It's gabrielle d'estrées and one of her sisters.


hey baby!

Illustration for an article about "intercultural flirting" in Vienna. What we see here is called the "cowboy method", imported to Austria from Côte d'Ivoire. 
Read more about Vienna as a melting pot of international flirting habits next week in Stadtzeitung Falter.


the eternal memories of the digital age

illustration for an article about forgetting and deleting in the digital age, this week in stadtzeitung falter.


hit the gong!

Illustration for an article about creative presentation for a newspaper by SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen – Swiss Federal Railways).


sex sells!

illustration for an article in this week's viennese stadtzeitung falter about the increasing sexualization of media.


lost in new delhi

i often draw simple maps to help me to orientate myself when i wander around in a new place. the maps in this drawing are of parts of new delhi. i drew this in my hotel room, surrounded by muddy roads outside, waiting for the rain to stop.


fin de siécle

drawing after a photography from the turn of the last century which was supposed to serve as a model for artists.



Here are three illustrations about envy, to appear in Stadtzeitung Falter next week.

Ice cream envy.

The cover.

Envy inspired by Sophia Loren and Jayne Mansfield.


team spirit

illustration for a calender for edition | solutions (eos group).
motto: team spirit!


summer in vienna

map of vienna (for stadtzeitung falter) showing the best places to bathe in town, like swimming pools, lakes and the danube water side. you can click on the image to enlarge it.


school is not cool

these illustrations are appearing in the stadtzeitung falter this week. they are for an article about curricular problems, dated school subjects, kids being stuffed with superfluous or even useless knowledge, and other funny things that don't concern me anymore, ha!


housewife, anyone?

illustration for anschlaege magazin.

a recent poll has shown that 55 % of austrian girls can imagine to stay at home, if their partner earns sufficient money for both of them – very much to the delight of the conservative party which has always known where a woman's place is.
i drew this dreaming girl because i believe that these polled girls thought rather of the possiblity of lots of leisure time instead of spending the whole day in an office doing something boring, and they were not dreaming of the pleasure of washing their partner's dirty socks or cleaning toilets.
however, everybody is so excited about those 55% that nobody talks about the percentage of austrian boys that can imagine to stay at home, which is 34 % after all.
by the way: in the same poll, 79 % of the boys and 87% of the girls agreed that both parents are equally responsible for childcare, so the situation is not that dramatic. but enough about numbers now, before it gets really boring...


Kiteflying in Varanasi

I've been busy scanning my sketchbooks from India today, and I found these two drawings of kiteflying boys on the windy shore of the Ganges. Kiteflying, that means trapping walkers with invisible strings, seems to be the favourite occupation of the boys of Varanasi, besides playing baseball, selling boat trips and interrogate people who draw :-)


It's all over now, baby blue

May I introduce to you Baby Krishna? He loves playing the flute, he's always wearing a peacock's feather in his curly hair, and his skin has the color of a fresh thundercloud.
He is an avatar of Vishnu, who takes the part of maintainance within the hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

He is available as a print now in my shop: baby krishna on etsy

I also would like to introduce to you my brandnew blog, which will be only about maps!

Have a very nice weekend!


micro publishing house at the LENTOS Linz: a day of paint and stamps and dirty hands

this weekend i was invited by the LENTOS Museum of Modern Art Linz to make a print for the MICRO PUBLISHING HOUSE which is a project that took place in the museum in the course of the 23rd european meeting of cultural journals under the heading changing media – media in change.

the micro publishing house produces three different limited edition art print magazines on three days – each consist of an art print and a needle-printed text written by journalists from the eurozine network on the backside.

the very micro publishing house (a mac, a needle printer and a printing press).

the battered lino plate.

my binary book print. if one makes the effort of decoding the binary code, it says: habent sua fata libelli, which means: books have their fate.

thomas maier numbering my prints.

stamp print by thomas maier (who did the other two art prints for the magazine) lying on a part of his huge collection of stamps.

the only one that touched a pen: a prospective typographer from czechia with his name written in arabic.


city map of copenhagen

a map made by me for emozioni, the magazine by fiat group automobiles austria.


the manifesto

Here is an illustration for an article (in next week's Falter Steiermark) about gentrification in Graz, Austria. Some artists living in one of those new "creative quarters" in Graz have written a manifesto against gentrification, after the example of Hamburg.


i want to go to...

...the balearic islands! maps with marked numbers for restaurants, vineyards and hotels for the new falstaff magazine.


i want to be in...

lebanon! map with vineyards for the austrian falstaff magazine.



i was invited to make a lino print for the MICRO PUBLISHING HOUSE in the art museum linz on may 12th, and since i haven't made any lino prints for years, i decided to exercise a bit and do some cuts this weekend.

here is the result:


writing to the dalai lama

i just got my sketchbook back (i sent it to austria with my friend, so the indians would not get it if they decided to rob me), and i found another drawing which i made of my friend on that day of the dalai lama incident (yes, i had a lot of time to draw on this day).

after being kicked out, my friend decided not to give up yet. so we took a rickshaw and travelled to the beautiful umaid bhawan palace, where my friend's object of desire was residing. they had a little museum there and a nice garden, where i spent some hours drinking iced coffee and drawing while my friend was occupied with writing a letter to the dalai lama in a little book that she had bought in the museum shop, page after page with her beautiful huge letters. but by then i did not wonder anymore.
then everything that was left to do was to arrange that the message would reach the recipient.
but strangely enough it was more difficult to get into the hotel than to get into the school. they would not let anybody in without a passport, but as my friend insisted that she had a message for a "friend", they called the hotel manager. finally he appeared and listened attentively to my friend.
and who is your friend, he asked then.
why, the dalai lama, replied my friend as a matter of course.
however: in the end he took the little book and promised to deliver it.
we never knew if he kept his promise because - surprise, surprise - the dalai lama never replied.


waiting for the dalai lama

when my friend heard that the maharajah of jodhpur had invited the dalai lama to jodhpur for some days and we happened to be there too, she wanted to attend a speech he was holding at a girl's school. of course they did not let us in (or rather let us in and then kicked us out), so we were sitting on the pavement at the little street next to the school (and i made this drawing) when the dalai lama drove by in a jeep with his egg-shaped head and his well-known smile, waving at us, and then disappeared in the entrance of the school. i found it remarkable how modest everything was - a speech in a little school in an average indian neighbourhood, no security measurements at the entry, a handful of very talkative guards standing on the streets and no people at all except not more than a dozen cars with guests arriving from time to time and some pedestrians walking by, completely ignorant of this event. now i always have to imagine the pope in the same situation.


cyclopedia of cambodia #2

here is another tuk tuk, a rarer, non-motorized version. doesn't look very comfortable, does it?