waiting for the dalai lama

when my friend heard that the maharajah of jodhpur had invited the dalai lama to jodhpur for some days and we happened to be there too, she wanted to attend a speech he was holding at a girl's school. of course they did not let us in (or rather let us in and then kicked us out), so we were sitting on the pavement at the little street next to the school (and i made this drawing) when the dalai lama drove by in a jeep with his egg-shaped head and his well-known smile, waving at us, and then disappeared in the entrance of the school. i found it remarkable how modest everything was - a speech in a little school in an average indian neighbourhood, no security measurements at the entry, a handful of very talkative guards standing on the streets and no people at all except not more than a dozen cars with guests arriving from time to time and some pedestrians walking by, completely ignorant of this event. now i always have to imagine the pope in the same situation.