micro publishing house at the LENTOS Linz: a day of paint and stamps and dirty hands

this weekend i was invited by the LENTOS Museum of Modern Art Linz to make a print for the MICRO PUBLISHING HOUSE which is a project that took place in the museum in the course of the 23rd european meeting of cultural journals under the heading changing media – media in change.

the micro publishing house produces three different limited edition art print magazines on three days – each consist of an art print and a needle-printed text written by journalists from the eurozine network on the backside.

the very micro publishing house (a mac, a needle printer and a printing press).

the battered lino plate.

my binary book print. if one makes the effort of decoding the binary code, it says: habent sua fata libelli, which means: books have their fate.

thomas maier numbering my prints.

stamp print by thomas maier (who did the other two art prints for the magazine) lying on a part of his huge collection of stamps.

the only one that touched a pen: a prospective typographer from czechia with his name written in arabic.

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