housewife, anyone?

illustration for anschlaege magazin.

a recent poll has shown that 55 % of austrian girls can imagine to stay at home, if their partner earns sufficient money for both of them – very much to the delight of the conservative party which has always known where a woman's place is.
i drew this dreaming girl because i believe that these polled girls thought rather of the possiblity of lots of leisure time instead of spending the whole day in an office doing something boring, and they were not dreaming of the pleasure of washing their partner's dirty socks or cleaning toilets.
however, everybody is so excited about those 55% that nobody talks about the percentage of austrian boys that can imagine to stay at home, which is 34 % after all.
by the way: in the same poll, 79 % of the boys and 87% of the girls agreed that both parents are equally responsible for childcare, so the situation is not that dramatic. but enough about numbers now, before it gets really boring...


  1. the real question is why did you post this in Illustration Friday under the topic "launch"? Maybe is just me, but I can't find the connection...

  2. because it is an illustration about a recently launched study :-)

  3. Not to worry, it's an adorable illustration! Love it.

  4. Interesting, but how does this fit with "launch"?