book vs. ebook

illustration for an essay about the history and future of the book. this week in stadtzeitung falter.


Noise in Vienna

Illustration about the various noises that might disturb you in Vienna. This week in Stadtzeitung Falter. 


sex, again.

Illustration about an article about the sexual behaviour of young people. client: anschläge magazin.
Before you ask yourself where you've seen this scene before: It's gabrielle d'estrées and one of her sisters.


hey baby!

Illustration for an article about "intercultural flirting" in Vienna. What we see here is called the "cowboy method", imported to Austria from Côte d'Ivoire. 
Read more about Vienna as a melting pot of international flirting habits next week in Stadtzeitung Falter.


the eternal memories of the digital age

illustration for an article about forgetting and deleting in the digital age, this week in stadtzeitung falter.