Stille / Silence

Illustration for Stadtzeitung Falter. 


Vienna – mulled wine for a good cause!

Illustration about drinking mulled wine and punch for a good cause at Vienna's christmas markets. For Stadtzeitung Falter.


Crater – new print in my shop

This ink drawing, which I made as an illustration for Anna Gual's poetry book "May your fingers come through" at Atem Books, is now available in my shop as digital print, together with some other illustrations from the book. 

Check it out here!


Freies Menstruieren

Illustration for an article about "Freies Menstruieren" ( Directly translates to "free menstruation", although I'm not sure if there is an english equivalent to this term. It means menstruation without using any sanitary products). 
For an.schläge magazin.


the remains of a long & lovely lunch

Eating, sketching, drawing in Florence with my friend and illustrator Monika Hehle.


kuscheln in wien / cuddling in vienna

illustration for stadtzeitung falter about cuddle parties in Vienna.


John Cage & Tricholomopsis Rutilans

Illustration for an article in Stadtzeitung Falter about John Cage and his interest in mushrooms, especially in the jaw-breaking tricholomopsis rutilans.

John Cage: In a Landscape

Article about John Cage in the NY Times: SOUNDS AND MUSHROOMS


silk road sketch book page no 1: bibi khanym

A drawing I made in the beautiful Bibi Khanym mausoleum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.


teaching moroccan children english

 poster i made for the american language center in tangier, morocco, to help teaching children english. 


public housing in vienna


once and nowadays. for stadtzeitung falter. 


The Villa of the Mysteries (the wedding toilet)

Drawing from a fresco from the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii.
This scene is supposedly depicting a roman bride's preparations for her wedding.


lonely in the sahara

just updated my etsy shop! this and lots of other illustrations are available as digital prints now!


Suite Aerea

Nebbia, l'alba, le nuvole, il vento.
Un piccolo uomo in un angolo del cielo.

Passa und aeroplano. Sul mondo, ridono pallidi acrobati.

Mezziogiorno! Tutto già pieno. Le dodeci nell'orologio.
J. Brandugaull

Fog, sunrise, clouds, wind.
A little man in a corner of the sky.

an airplane passes by. on earth, pale acrobats are laughing.

noon. everything already full. the twelve on the clock.


Die Seeräuber-Jenny (Pirate Jenny)

Drawing inspired by the song "Die Seeräuber-Jenny" from the Three-Penny-Opera by Berthold Brecht. The song is about a maid in a hotel who dreams about a ship full of pirates with eight sails and fifty cannons that will come and destroy the whole town and will let her condemn everyone to death.

listen: here


recuerdo de tigre

portrait of anna reading in tigre, argentina.


Bathing with little children

Illustration for Stadtzeitung Falter. 


Muttertag, Mutternacht – Mother's day, Mother's night

Muttertag einmal anders: 3 Illustrationen zum Muttertag. Letzte Woche im Falter. 
A different kind of Mother's day: 3 Illustrations about Mother's day which appeared in Stadtzeitung Falter last week.  

Cover: Children are great – but they can also be a nuisance.
Das Cover zum Muttertag: Kinder sind toll, aber sie können auch Nervensägen sein.

Kinder können Glück und Elend bringen: Illustration zu einem Artikel von Sybille Hamann 
über die Schwierigkeiten und Gefahren der Schwanger- und Mutterschaft in Entwicklungsländern. 

Children – Source of happiness and misery. For an article about the difficulties and dangers of  
becoming a mother in a developing country.

Eines der typischen Probleme einer Mutter hierzulande: Kinder, Störenfriede der elterlichen Romantik. 

A typical mother's problem, round here: Children have a rather negative impact on their parent's love life. 



Illustration for DATUM Magazin (Austria). Subject: Republic.


Grundkurs Kochen!

Kommt das Gemüse aus der Dose
geht das Gericht meist in die Hose!

Hier ein paar Bilder von dem neuen Falter-Kochbuch, das ich illustrieren durfte: 
50 sehr lustige Falter-Kolumnen, die uns die wichtigesten Grundlagen des Kochens und die besten Tipps und Tricks rund ums Kochen und Essen vermitteln! 
Wer schon beim Butterbrot Schmieren verzweifelt, dem wird dieses Kochbuch eine große Stütze sein, aber auch Menschen mit umfangreichem Küchenwissen werden, da bin ich mir sicher, von diesem Büchlein noch viel lernen. 
Hier steht alles drin, was man wissen sollte: Zum Beispiel, wie man Spätzle und Couscous richtig macht, wie Erdbeeren am Besten schmecken, was man mit Bärlauch alles machen kann, wie viele verschiedene Arten es gibt, Spargel zu essen, wie das perfekte Steak gelingt und welche Dinge man immer im Vorratsschrank haben sollte. 
Da kann man nur noch viel Spaß wünschen, beim Lesen und beim Kochen!

Jetzt erhältlich in der österreichischen Trafik ihres Vertrauens, oder online im FALTER SHOP

Finally, some pictures of the new cookbook Grundkurs Kochen (cooking basics), published by Falter Verlag, which I had the pleasure to illustrate. 
50 very funny columns about simple & basic cooking techniques and tricks you can't go through life without knowing. 

You can purchase it in the FALTER SHOP


happy women's day & a new book

today, being woman's day, is a good occasion to show some drawings of the new book that i'm making with the catalan poet anna gual and which will be published soon in catalan and in english, by atem books.
more information about the book is here: passa-m'hi els dits

have a nice day!


The other way round: inverted stereotypes

Last week I made a series of 10 drawings including a cover illustrating some texts about neurobiology, published by the austrian an:schläge magazine.
Here are some of the illustrations:

Crying & Comfort. 

Hunting Diana. 

Male Multitasking. 


the stars

more new ink drawings: here


the fraud

this illustration is about a woman's story who to her surprise found her salary seized one day. after some investigation, she found out that somebody had ordered something expensive on amazon using her name. after the order was never paid, the authorised debt collecting agency asked a detective to investigate, who illegally searched for the used name in an registration office, came across her although the adress did not fit, and so her salary was seized without her knowing. in the end, she received some apology but is still waiting to get her money back.