lonely in the sahara

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Suite Aerea

Nebbia, l'alba, le nuvole, il vento.
Un piccolo uomo in un angolo del cielo.

Passa und aeroplano. Sul mondo, ridono pallidi acrobati.

Mezziogiorno! Tutto già pieno. Le dodeci nell'orologio.
J. Brandugaull

Fog, sunrise, clouds, wind.
A little man in a corner of the sky.

an airplane passes by. on earth, pale acrobats are laughing.

noon. everything already full. the twelve on the clock.


Die Seeräuber-Jenny (Pirate Jenny)

Drawing inspired by the song "Die Seeräuber-Jenny" from the Three-Penny-Opera by Berthold Brecht. The song is about a maid in a hotel who dreams about a ship full of pirates with eight sails and fifty cannons that will come and destroy the whole town and will let her condemn everyone to death.

listen: here