Come find me is a very special kind of exhibition I'll be having with some artist friends
of mine taking place on the 25-26 of may 2013 in Florence.
We are a group nine artists from seven different countries currently working in Florence,
and with this exhibition we would like to show the work we have been creating here in
Florence to the public.
For this reason we decided to open three of our private houses, which also serve as our
working spaces and studios, on the last weekend of may for everybody interested
in fresh art to visit and take a look at our work in a very personal setting.
The exhibition will include paintings, art prints, comics, drawings, illustrations and performances.
All the artists will be present.

When: 25-26 of may 2013
10.00-13.30 / 16.00-21-00

1. Via Guido Monaco, 25, 4th floor, Firenze
2. Via degli Alfani, 57, 4th floor, Firenze
3. Via Faenza, 29, 3rd floor, Firenze

Paolo d'Antonio (Italy)
Ovidiu Batista (Romania)
Paula Fraile (Spain)
Lorenzo Giuliani (Italy)
Erina Kawachi (Japan)
Helen Lupo (Venezuela)
Eri Mituzani (Japan)
Samia Singh (India)
Bianca Tschaikner (Austria)

Website: www.comefindmefirenze.wordpress.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Come-find-me/516083715118741

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