ILLUSTRAMUS! Narrative Strategien. Illustration exhibition in Feldkirch, Austria. The show is still on!

Eröffnung | Donnerstag 11. September 2014 | 19.00 Uhr. Es spricht | Peter Niedermair.

ORF Lange Nacht der Museen | Sa 4. Oktober 2014 | 18 bis 1 Uhr | Die Ausstellenden geben Einblicke in ihre Arbeitsprozesse.

Das visuelle Übermitteln von Botschaften in narrativer Form war bis zum 20. Jh. ein konstituierender Bestandteil der europäischen Kunst. Erst die Avantgardebewegungen des 20. Jh. trennten mit der Idee des abstrakten / konkreten Bildes die visuellen Mittel von der bildnerischen Erzählung ab. Heute ist die narrative Bildproduktion sowohl in der Illustration wie im Bereich der Kunst sehr vielseitig und technisch avanciert.



Alice Wellinger 


Kurt Dornig 

Lisa Althaus


To the stars and back

The end has come too fast, time in Gorna Lipnitsa is over – all the artists have left the old school, and now we are all scattered across the globe – it has been an exciting experience with wonderful people creating amazing art together!
Here are some pictures of a few of the talented artists with whom I shared days full of work and heat (35°!) and nights full of stars and rakia (the typical Bulgarian liquor – important part of every dinner!) at the Old School Artist Residency.

Agata Czeremuszin-Chrut, a painter who is gifted with the lucky combination of great talent and discipline, and with whom I had the pleasure to share my studio, created these beautiful paintings at an incredible pace.

Paloma Ayala, a Mexican artist currently living in Switzerland, painted a mural depicting a local myth about a dragon who fell in love with a girl from the village.


Here we have Robert Foster doing his very mysterious ritual-performance as some sort of priest of some fantastic belief whose mantra is "salami" – british humour at its finest! He also took some cool photos of all of us posing as mystic figures with checkered blankets and pointed hats.


"Stairs to the sky" is an installation by Yana Drumeva, a felt artist who got her hands sore by creating dozens of felt lamps interweaved with local herbs, which she used, together with our wishes to the Universe written on cardboard, to create a chain of lights hanging from an old pine tree in the courtyard of the Old School – the stairs leading to the stars.


Posie Currin and Avalon Kalin from Portland, Oregon, recorded everyone they could get a hold of – from local school boys to our cook – asking them to think about immortality for one minute, and they invented the "Star Parade", a walk through the village, with all the artists carrying their colorful posters of abstracted constellations. They also painted a pine cone on everyone's nail – and so we learned that the good old pine cone is also a symbol of immortality.
What I liked about their work was that everything they did was a really stylish, inventive and yet  easy to understand for everybody.

And here is my project "Theory of nothing", an installation of an imaginary astronomical laboratory. I painted patterns of constellations and black holes on old paper I found in the school, and used a lot of other found objects to create magical devices such as ritual cards, celestial maps and a celestial lamp. 
For more pictures and a more detailed description of my work have a look here

Many thanks to the organizers of this residency, Darina and Dimitar, who put a lot of effort into turning this residence into an adventurous and magical experience, helping us to explore new worlds and generously providing us with space, time and freedom to create our artwork. I couldn't have been happier with my stay at this residency.

Here is the link to the Old School Residency – highly recommended for next summer: